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"Great breakfast alternative for those mornings where you're short on time. Also makes for a useful pre (or post) workout shake. I use water and yoghurt instead of milk and it's still super tasty!"

Rory Blakemore

"So quick, so tasty and I actually look forward to making my Shuupe every morning! Also great for a pre-workout boost. Would highly recommend!"

James Embrey

"Shuupe means I can actually have breakfast before work! Especially when I'm very short on time in the morning, its made within a minute and I'm out the door - shake in hand!"

Katie Embrey-Hall

"Shuupe has become my everyday breakfast! Having a busy lifestyle, I have often struggled with getting a good breakfast, it's so easy to make in the morning and keeps me going until lunch. Being made with all natural products and virtually no sugar is a big win in my book, unlike anything else on the market which I find are full of sugar and additives. Great product!"

Antigone Mulford

"I'm so thankful to have found Shuupe! It gives me a good, healthy start to the day. I like that the nutritious side has been taken care of for me. My go to morning shake is vanilla with a banana or chocolate with blueberries. Shuupe puts me through to lunchtime. I definitely recommend Shuupe as a healthy start to the day. Love it!!!"

Sally Farrel
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We pack all of our healthy breakfast shakes with delicious gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, coconut and almonds, so you can keep going until lunch.
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