Super Healthy, Vegan, Gluten-Free Breakfast Shake FAQs

What is SHUUPE?

Shuupe is a healthy, convenient, nutritional breakfast shake, packed with natural ingredients.

Is SHUUPE a protein shake?

Shuupe isn't a protein shake as such, as it doesn't contain whey protein, or a vegan protein. However it is a good source of protein, with its raw ingredients. Between 16-18% depending on the product.

What is the shelf life of SHUUPE?

SHUUPE has a shelf life of 1 year. Once opened we do recommend consuming within 12 weeks.

Can SHUUPE be eaten at other times of the day?

Absolutely, Shuupe can replace any meal, or be used as a pre or post workout shake.

Is SHUUPE Vegan?

Yes indeed Shuupe is vegan and we proudly have the Vegan society stamp on our bags.

Is SHUUPE gluten-free?

Yes all of our products are gluten-free and have been lab tested.

Is SHUUPE lactose free?

Shuupe powder is lactose free, but depending on what milk you use, this may change.

Is SHUUPE GMO and soya free?

Yes absolutely, all our products are GMO and soya free.

Can SHUUPE be used by diabetics?

Yes Shuupe is very low sugar, in fact no more than 1.2% sugar (strawberry flavour).

Can SHUUPE be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes definitely. Shuupe is a well balanced, natural shake, containing lots of the nutrition mums, or mums to be need.

Can children have SHUUPE?

Absolutely they can. As Shuupe is all natural, it is suitable for everyone.

Does SHUUPE contain allergens?

Shuupe does contain some allergens; sesame seeds and almonds. It may also contain traces of other nuts and peanuts too.

Can water be used to make SHUUPE?

We don't recommend using water. It does taste much better with milk.

Can I shake SHUUPE instead of blending it?

You can shake Shuupe. Do bear in mind though, that as it is full of natural ingredients, there will be bits in it. We recommend shaking it vigorously and then leave it to stand for five minutes, to allow it to thicken.

Can I make SHUUPE the night before?

Yes that's fine. It will have thickened up quite a lot over night, because of the oats, but it still tastes great.

How many portions do I get per bag?

There are 12 portions per bag. Each serving being 40g.

 How much is delivery?

The good news is all deliveries are free of charge.

Can I return/cancel my order?

Yes, just head to our returns page at the bottom of our site and all the information you need will be there for you.