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About us
Shuupe is a nutritionally balanced, super healthy, gluten-free and vegan breakfast shake. Made with ingredients you’ll recognise - ingredients that grow naturally. It’s high fibre, low sugar, low calorie yet high energy. Oh and our vegan shakes taste great too, so you no longer have to choose between ‘something nice’ and ‘something healthy’!
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What makes SHUUPE great?
100% natural ingredients
“Made with 7 different nuts, seeds and oats. Making them high in fibre and low in sugar”
Vegan friendly
"We want everyone to enjoy our shakes, so we make them vegan friendly"
Super convenient
“Strapped for time? With SHUUPE you’ll have a delicious vegan breakfast ready within a minute”

"Great breakfast alternative for those mornings where you're short on time. Also makes for a useful pre (or post) workout shake. I use water and yoghurt instead of milk and it's still super tasty!"

Rory Blakemore

"So quick, so tasty and I actually look forward to making my Shuupe every morning! Also great for a pre-workout boost. Would highly recommend!"

James Embrey

"Shuupe means I can actually have breakfast before work! Especially when I'm very short on time in the morning, its made within a minute and I'm out the door - shake in hand!"

Katie Embrey-Hall

"Shuupe has become my everyday breakfast! Having a busy lifestyle, I have often struggled with getting a good breakfast, it's so easy to make in the morning and keeps me going until lunch. Being made with all natural products and virtually no sugar is a big win in my book, unlike anything else on the market which I find are full of sugar and additives. Great product!"

Antigone Mulford

"I'm so thankful to have found Shuupe! It gives me a good, healthy start to the day. I like that the nutritious side has been taken care of for me. My go to morning shake is vanilla with a banana or chocolate with blueberries. Shuupe puts me through to lunchtime. I definitely recommend Shuupe as a healthy start to the day. Love it!!!"

Sally Farrel